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Geotechnical Specialist Laboratory Testing Services

Geotechnical Testing Consultants GTC Lab
Geotechnical Testing Consultants GTC Lab

GTC specializes in using research-level techniques and equipment, including data logging and computer-controlled testing.


Tests include:

  • Triaxial stress path testing.

  • Resonant Column testing.

  • Cyclic Triaxial with local strain measurement.

  • Constant Head Permeability tests in the Triaxial cell.

All the tests can be performed using extra equipment, as necessary:

  • Local strain measurement.

  • Mid-plane pore water measurement.

  • Bender Element testing in three directions, Sv, Shh& Shv.

  • High pressure control systems.

In addition, GTC also carry out selected conventional scope of geotechnical tests including:

  • Unconfined compression tests.

  • Consolidated Undrained/Drained Triaxial Compression/Extension tests with pore water pressure/volume change measurement using single stage or multistage techniques.

  • Automated Consolidation (Oedometer) tests.

  • 254mm diameter Rowe Cell Consolidation or Swelling tests.

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