3D Laser Scanning (LIDAR Survey Technology)

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GTC is Specialized in 3D laser scanning techniques, as-built surveys, BIM modeling and 3D Rendering as well as consultancy and data analysis GTC provides a wide range of applications and solutions to the Clients.

Geotechnical Testing Consultants GTC Lab

1. Construction progress monitoring - seamless capture and monitoring of construction progress for legal and technical documentation; Construction Site Point Cloud Data.

Architecture & Civil Engineering


2. Built environment - precise geometrical recording of existing properties as the basis for conversions or extensions;  e.g. Car Lot Parking Point Cloud Data.

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3. Facades inspection - 3D dimensional inspection of building shells and facade components before final assembly or any change; Point Cloud Data.

4. Structural analysis and maintenance - control of beams deflections, floors, ceilings; Heat Maps Deformation Control.

5. Excavation control - precise volume and dimension control of excavations and stockpiles volume; Point Cloud Data.

6. As-built survey – 3D model recreation of any actual structure.

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3d Model Rendering

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Inspections & Reverse Engineering


1. Reverse engineering - copies of products and components for which there are no construction plans and/or CAD data available;

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Revit 3d Models

2. Quality control - ensures that the final as-built condition fit design intent and minimizes the chance of potential problems.

Design / As-Built Model Comparasion

Process Industry & Digital Factory


1. Conversions and extensions: Precise 3D documentation of the current state of the property as the planning basis for conversions and extensions

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Point Cloud Data



1. Authentic, complete and precise 3D copy of reality.

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1. Scanning of large or distant objects - Due to the extra-long range of the Focus3D X 330, all kinds of high, long or difficult to access objects can be easily scanned and analyzed;

3D Model

2. Deformation monitoring - determining if the surveyed structure or object is changing shape or moving. Saves time and rework during construction;

Point Cloud Data

Facility Management


1. Re-planning of technical modifications - changes to technical equipment, such as pipes, air ducts and electrical supply lines, can be depicted and checked in advance in the virtual model. This offers a stable basis for re-planning.

Revit MEP 3D Model

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