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Geotechnical & Structural Instrumentation & Monitoring

GTC is specialized in planning and conducting professional instrumentation monitoring programs of structures and geotechnical parameters.

  • Vibrating wire piezometer & monitoring of pore water pressure.

  • GW and ground temperature monitoring in boreholes.

  • Borehole inclinometer - Determination of titling (deviation from reference) / In-place inclinometer.

  • Borehole extensometer - Determination of vertical displacement profile.

  • Settlement cells - Determination of vertical deformation of surface ground.

  • Crack meter - Determination of crack activity and monitoring.

  • Tiltmeter / level beam - Determination of rotation of vertical or horizontal structural elements.

  • Pressure cells - Determination of total stress of retaining structures.

  • Other instruments as per projects' requirements.

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