Non Destructive Testing Services (NDT)

GTC provides comprehensive scope of professional NDT for concrete structures and deep foundations including both driven and drilled piles on land and off-shore.


Deep Foundation Tests:

  • Pile integrity test.

  • Cross hole sonic logging test / thermal profiling method.

  • High strain dynamic testing.

  • Caliper logging.

  • Static load tests on instrumented files (compression & tension).

  • Bidirectional static loading test (O-Cell).

  • Instrumentation of piles (strain, gauges, load cells, tell tales,...).

  • Pile lateral load tests.

Concrete Integrity / Deteriology Investigations (State Condition Surveys) 

  • Impact echo-determination of determination of flaws in concert.

  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV).

  • Ground penetration radar (GPR) for concrete applications.

  • Chloride profiling (sample cutting only).

  • Crack detection & monitoring (CDM), including UPV crack depth detection. 

Quality Control Special Testing

  • Load testing of ground anchors, soil nails and tie backs.

  • Plate and zone load tests with instrumentation and monitoring.

  • Bridge and slab load tests with instrumentation and monitoring.

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