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Geotechnical Consulting & Studies Services

Emad Sharif & Hardev Sidhu

GTC provides professional consultation services in different areas and projects requirements including:


  • Planning and Design of site and geotechnical programs for different applications and phases.

  • Planning and design of pile static and dynamic loading tests including O-Cell tests and interpretation.

  • Planning and design of surcharge and zone loading tests.

  • Planning and design of tie back anchor and soil nail loading tests and quality control.

  • Design and planning of deep ground improvement and soil compaction and QC programs and evaluation of results.

  • Geotechnical hazard assessment and evaluation studies as liquefaction, swelling clay, collpasible soil, sink holes and cavities, and other potential geo risks, including planing of site and laboratory testing programs.

  • Geotechnical single and pile group design for axial and lateral loading.

  • Planning and conducting geotecnical side slope studies in soil and rocks.

  • Provide geotechnical assistance to structural Engineers for foundation designs.

  • Conduct soil – structure interaction effects studies.

  • Plan and design of geotecnical instrumentation programs for different applications.

  • Review and conduct shoring and dewatering designs to deep excavations and other applications.

  • Provide value Engineering serivesis to optimise foundation schemes and options, ground improvement and staiblization, and other applications.

  • Provide technical training to client Engineers on specific topics.

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