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Pile Testing: Deep Foundation (Bored & Driven Piles) & Shoring Walls

Geotechnical Testing Consultants GTC Lab
Geotechnicl Testing Consultants GTC Lab

GTC provides professional testing services of deep foundation elements as piles and shoring walls, including:


  • Pile Integrity – Low Strain.

  • Pile Dynamic Loading tests – High Strain – PDA.

  • Static pile loading tests – top loaded systems.

  • Static pile loading tests – Bi-directional (O Cell) systems.

  • Pile Instrumentation with strain gauges, tell tales, load cells, ..

  • Caliper logging of pile drilled holes.

  • Cross hole sonic integrity tests.

  • Thermal Profiling for shaft integrity.


GTC is staffed with well trained and experienced team of Engineers and technicians.


GTC Manager – Pile Testing

Eng Santhosh Paul – more than 15 years of experience in main projects in Dubai and GCC area

Geotechnical Testing Consultants GTC Lab
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