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GTC has successfully investigated the excess settlement of Large Oil Tanks in Shallow foundation in UAE

GTC investigates excess settlement

The Middle East has one of the largest numbers of oil storage in the world. Most of the tank farms have been built along coastlines of Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. The tanks shallow foundations were generally seated on very dense gravelly gabbro fills, which was laid above a layer of dynamic-compacted calcareous sand It is widely believed that the foundation in such dense conditions would experience a low settlement, especially after the hydrostatic loading test.

However, it has been observed for several cases that different settlements beneath tank bottom annulus after 10-year operation exceeded acceptable limited. The settlements have significantly impacted on the safe operation of large storage tanks hence tank repair required. 

GTC has undertaken a geotechnical assessment program which include advanced laboratory test to understand why the excess settlement taking place. The investigation results can be used to obtain a better foundation design to avoid this to happened in the future and support a economical remediation of the existing oil tanks. 

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