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GTC at DFIMEC 2019

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GTC delightedly gave a talk about “ADVANCED GEOTECHNICAL LABORATORY TESTING AND APPLICATIONS” at 2019 DFI Middle East Conference  (2019 DFIMEC):


Advanced geotechnical laboratory testing has been increasingly required for various projects e.g. high-rise buildings, windfarms, nuclear power stations, bridges, tunnels, stadiums around the world in the last two decades. The soil parameters obtained from advanced laboratory tests can be feed in both analytical and numerical models, allowing sophisticated analyses conducted to provide a more reliable and cost-efficient foundations and geotechnical structure solutions. In this paper, we focus on the practical values of advanced laboratory testing in characterisation of non-linear stress-strain behaviour and dynamic behaviour of soil and rock from very small strain i.e. less than 0.01% to large strain. Special capabilities and benefits of advanced laboratory testing techniques such as stresspath triaxial testing with local strain measurement and bender element, resonant column testing, cyclic triaxial testing, etc. are highlighted. Typical advanced laboratory test results on Dubai rock and Arabian Gulf calcareous sand are presented for illustration purposes.


The theme of the conference was “Geotechnical Engineering for Delivering Sustainable, Cost-Effective Projects”

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